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Enter She's Gallery

.She .Garrett - Gallery
Fine artist in oils & sculpture
portraiture and animals.

ART - To create art, it is necessary to be  totally
 involved and immersed in the process...  [She]

Full article - About Art by She

Enter Don's Gallery

.Don .Garrett - Gallery
Fine artist in acrylics
landscapes, seascapes and abstract.

ART - The use of skill and imagination in the creation
 of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences
 that can be shared with others. [Britannica]


Consigned - Etchings
Portfolios & Individual Items

Etchings by Armand Durand after
Potter, Rembrandt, van Dyck & van Ruisdael


Art Trends

Art Trends & Genres [1250 - ]
A short visual overview of art
historically and the genres from
the early middle ages until today


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