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Jacob van Ruisdael

Limited singular etchings separately priced

Replicated and hand printed
from the copper plates by
Amand Durand (1831 - 1905)
Small Bridge
The Large Beech
The Paddock on the Hill
Travellers in the Woods
The Cornfield
The Three Oaks
Houses and Trees near the Creek
Hut near a Lake
Landscape with Lake and Willows
Landscape with Oaks and a Dyke
Landscape with a Hut and a Shed
Landscape with Two Willows
  Taken from the original etchings by Jacob Van Ruisdael (1628/29 - 1682)
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Small Bridge ] Large Beech ] Hill Paddock ] Travel Woods ] The Cornfield ] The Three Oaks ] Houses & Trees ] Hut Near Lake ] Lake & Willows ] Oaks & Dyke ] Hut & Shed ] Two Willows ]

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