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'Little Beach' - Albany, Western Australia

Dear Don

I write to thank you for the wonderful painting "Little Beach, Albany" which you
 completed for me recently. Even though your services in this commission
came about as a strong recommendation from a dear friend who is very
knowledgeable about art and artworks, I could not have believed that anyone
could so well have captured the mood and the feel of this, possibly my favourite
place in the world, had I not seen this painting.

Your effort is truly magnificent. I wish I had the words to express my
feelings of gratitude half as well as you have expressed the feelings of
Little Beach in your work. I cannot,  so all I do is to repeat "Thank You".

Kind Regards,


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'Derek's Flowers'

A true testament to this artist is that she felt that the painting
 "did not do justice to the flowers",
clearly illustrating a touch of artistic humility.

Not only is the visual impact of each work so important to her,
but its ambiance is also key measure of its relative perfection.

I provided the flowers.....

Don, She and I shared the ambiance.....
And I am now the proud owner of a lovely painting.....

And for the record, She, the painting certainly did justice to the flowers.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


***   ***   ***


WOW! We just opened the package and the paintings are gorgeous.

We knew that the Web site pictures would not do them justice,
but the colors are so vivid ! You really picked perfect vistas.

Hotel La Toubana - Guadeloupe

 Our bungalow at La Toubana had almost exactly the view down to the beach.

Isle de Saintes - Guadeloupe

 And the lovely aspect of Isle d'Saintes from Guadeloupe brings back
memories of our day long adventure hike up the volcano and the
many views of the clouds and surrounding islands.

Thank you very much for creating such beautiful and personal paintings. 
They will be reminders of our honeymoon for years to come. 

Cheers and regards to both of you, and best wishes for the holidays.

Jim & Melissa

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